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Melbourne Darshan 27th December 2006

Vasu who is then ringleader (with Ridhi playing the part of trusted lieutenent) had kept this day light on activities in their immense wisdom. And they were right in case you were wondering if i’m being a tad sarky.

Ridhi, Rishabh and I drove into town to pick up the other rental car and picked up a stupid parking ticket as well since the Avis counter was busy and it took us 21 minutes while we were paid up for 20 minutes. A$50 down the gutter you might say. We decided on picking up the new Holden Commodore instead of a Santa Fe/Tucsan. The reason was that we didnt need to carry around a lot of luggage until the drive to the airport when we were leaving and it was cheaper. In effect it was a cool decision, since it actually turned out to have more boot space anyway plus it was a new car. It was fun taking out a brand spanking shiny light blue coloured car. I’m having fun just writing this. Our other car was a red Corolla (ho-hum).

So we went home, packed the jamboree in the cars and drove downtown for our first Melbourne darshan.

First stop, Fed Square car park. We took our time taking lovely pictures here and the evidence will be attached. From there we walked the city, up and down, swanston and bourke, you know getting lost and taking pictures etc etc. After roaming purposelessly for a while and frankly not having any better ideas, we consulted Ridhi since she’s a kinda like a local. Her bright idea was Rialto Tower’s Observatory Deck. So onwards and upwards to Rialto.
So this Rialto Tower is allegedly the tallest tower in Melbourne, but to me another new building seemed a worthy contender.
Anyway, we watched 20 minutes of video on Melbourne sightseeing before we went up there. I promised Katrix before the lights were dimmed that there wont be any song and dance so there is no need of popcorn. I was wrong, it was 20 minutes of music and there was a dance in it too.
The view from top was top. I’ve been to these towers a few times in a few different cities and my opinion is that unless you live in that city, the experience is always forgettable. This one had an outer pen so you could feel the air, which was cool. I used my new DSLR camera to zoom in on the screen in MCG to read the score and see Flintoff bowl. That was quite amazing actually.
On the way down we got stuck at the souvenir shop. It was only later we realized that this trip was going to be underscored by many many such distractions. However this distraction allowed us to take assorted pictures around escalators etc.
Our next destination was Crown Casino. By the time we walked there, it finally dawned on us, that we had’nt eaten the whole day and were craving for food. So, we raided the food court. There was no chance to into the casino since Katrix is underage. He did beg to be allowed to the bar (so he could see the score of the India SA Test match). We made a futile attempt to watch a movie and finally took a poll and decided to head home.
The walk back was tiring but necessary. The upside (for me at least) was the sunset light, allowing for some nice pictures.
I dont remember where we ate that night but it wasnt memorable enough for me to comment.
I suppose we played Mafia that night, that is after Rishabh explained it in detail with Rashmi proving to be the other other lead.

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