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Melbourne Non-Ashes Sports Day 29th December 2006

This was supposed to be the day we went to see the 4th day of the 4th Ashes test match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It was not to be. Australia routed England for the 4th time in the series and the match was over on the 3rd day itself. Bummer!


With the whole day free, it was decided that we’ll go play Squash as we’ve got a few budding Squash players and a few regular Squashers (if that’s even a proper word). Everyone one got up really late and I guess lazed around and achieved nothing for a greater part of the day. We didn’t even take too many photographs!


Anyway, we finally reached the Sports Centre at Monash University’s Clayton campus late in the afternoon. Some of us were not properly dressed for the occasion but that was not going to dampen the spirit. Vasu and Chinx headed towards the tennis court and the rest of us preferred the indoor comfort of the Squash Court. Chinx gave Vasu the runaround with the tennis ball and I suppose they were on the verge of getting a sunstroke after like 15 mins. We were happy to welcome them in the squash courts with sweaty arms.


At the squash courts, everyone took to the courts. Some without shoes. It was Ridhi’s homecourt. Rishabh and Tanu gave each other a good game. Katrix showed a lot of potential and Shanu had enough powershots in his quiver. The rest of us kinda enjoyed ourselves a lot without taking it too seriously.


Some of us drove home while the rest of us tried to gatecrash the MCG in vain. Ridhi , poor girl, had a minor tragedy at home when the washing machine at home went bonkers and water overflow caused havoc on the carpet. Ridhi’s roommate Julia was a little distressed but Ridhi helped in bringing the situation under control. According to the latest reports, the carpet is dry and there are no smells (at least no new ones).


Girls dressed up and Boys tried to dress up for an evening on Lygon Street. It’s a popular street in Melbourne for Italian food. We planned to make a big night out of it, but ended up making a medium sized night. Had a quick stop for drinks at a bar before ending up at some Italian place (of course). Rishabh and I were really keen on Indian but the rest of the group dismissed us as if we were flies. The food was okay and I guess the only memorable highlight was that we playing Mafia in public. How ironic to play a game called Mafia at an Italian restaurant by 10 indians. We had a short pit stop at a Gelataria before heading home via another stop for Internet and Refueling.


We were due to fly to Sydney early next morning so everyone was requested to sleep early and wake up at 4AM. Some of us slept at 2:30 AM. What happened in the morning is well..the next post.  

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