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So I went over to my dear friend Siddhartha Totuka’s place for lunch today. The occasion was Rot-Teej. Despite having lived in Jaipur for most of my life, I had never heard of the festival before. As far as I’m concerned, the highlight of the festival is the special lunch.

I heard from Yogita a couple of days before about what was going to be prepared on that day and frankly it didnt appeal to me. My mom concurred later last night that I am not going to like it since she knows my food habits.

There was no way I was going to weasel my way out of Sid’s invite so I went. In short, I tried a new cuisine today and I liked it. Not bad!! The food consists of a star shaped “rot”. It like a thick buscuit, like a Bati (from Daal Baati) but i really hate Daal Baati so I think it was way better than a Baati. You divide the plate into 2 parts. One side contains boora (sugar) and the other side is mirchi (green chilli preparation). Then there is a raita contain torai (gourd? not sure of the english name of this vegetable). You are supposed to crush the rot with your hands, pour heaps of ghee and have it alternatively with sugar and with raita and mirchi. It was heavy and I’m sleepy just writing it. But I think I had enough and really enjoyed my lunch today!!

Thanks Sid and Yogita, you both rock!

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  • sangeeta kala

    like..if u want again eat rot and enjoy d festival…
    pl come to jaipur rajasthan….u r invited in advance