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What’s happened to the roads in Jaipur?

Until a few months ago, I felt Jaipur roads were pothole free, clean, wide and something to be proud of. We could hold our heads high when people from other bigger cities visited us and show them how well kept our heritage city was. Jaipur was the shining example of how a modern city ought to be. It was more like a responisibility and a duty, since so much of Jaipur depends on tourism.

Look at the city now, it’s a fucking dump! Now I know there is a good reason for all the digging. They’re apparently laying the pipeline to provide a steady supply of water from Bisalpur. That’s noble and something again we should support due to its obvious long term benefits. But the problem is how it is being managed. Is it not important to build the road back once the pipes have been layed? Who and what is being done about it? When is it going to be done? Is it going to be done? Where is that information?

Our city deserves better.

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