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Excess Baggage woes and a seemingly good idea

Nothing hurts like having to pay for excess baggage. It’s always insulting and you feel really bad trying to persuade the check-in staff to let go. Even if you get over that, it’s always expensive. Then you hear stories from other how they “got-off” from having to pay for excess baggage and feel cheated when

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Dude, how inconsiderate can you be?

So the girl gets to sit as the 3rd passenger, hold you stupid briefcase, balance herself like a damn cuckoo bird while you 2 morons drive your bike like crazed monkeys. Also she’s not allowed to touch you or the idiot in the middle. Where do I pay for this circus?

What’s happened to the roads in Jaipur?

Until a few months ago, I felt Jaipur roads were pothole free, clean, wide and something to be proud of. We could hold our heads high when people from other bigger cities visited us and show them how well kept our heritage city was. Jaipur was the shining example of how a modern city ought

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