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Melbourne Non-Ashes Sports Day 29th December 2006

This was supposed to be the day we went to see the 4th day of the 4th Ashes test match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It was not to be. Australia routed England for the 4th time in the series and the match was over on the 3rd day itself. Bummer!   With the whole

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Dandenong, Healsville and Philip Island in a day

28th December 2006 was destined to be a long and tiring day. We were all forewarned to wake up early and be prepared to sleep really late. I dont know how we managed but i think most of us were out and about by 11 (which was good considering there were only 2 bathrooms between

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Melbourne Darshan 27th December 2006

Vasu who is then ringleader (with Ridhi playing the part of trusted lieutenent) had kept this day light on activities in their immense wisdom. And they were right in case you were wondering if i’m being a tad sarky. Ridhi, Rishabh and I drove into town to pick up the other rental car and picked

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Boxing Day 2006

I could start blabbering about this from a prior date but Boxing day seems appropos. Anything before that would be too vague to pinpoint. It all began with an idea that Ridhi, Vasu and I had a thought when we were in Noosa back in the May of 2006. “Wouldnt it be cool if all

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